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SCADA System for Automotive Manufacturing

This project highlights our SCADA capabilities, and the flexibility we can provide to accommodate the tight scheduling requirements of large complex upgrades. We worked with a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry who was planning an upgrade to multiple PLCs and a SCADA system. The system affected is part of a line that forms automotive parts such as bumper and seat structures using expanded foam beads.

Our portion of this upgrade involved new Allen Bradley PLCs that were being installed. This required a complete PLC conversion to the new platform. Additionally, it required modifications to the existing Inductive Automation SCADA Ignition software to complete the installation. The new PLCs had a different tag structure which had to be programmed into the tag database in the ignition server. The customer also had requirements for relevant alarming and tag history to provide alarm notification and data logging. Transaction groups were used for process values that required higher speed data logging and post-process trending.

The SCADA screens also required modification to provide control of both old and new PLCs using indirect tags. This change gave the customer the ability to create a single control screen for multiple machines, which they had four of at this location. Because we are certified partners with Inductive Automation, the creators of the Ignition package, we were recommended to the end customer to handle the project. The entire upgrade was a very large and involved process, with many concurrent elements. For our part, it highlights our ability to provide specific services and seamlessly integrate into a multifaceted project.

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SCADA System Details

Project Name & DescriptionSCADA System for Plastic Bead Forming Process
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesSCADA Programing
PLC Programing
Plastic Bead Manufacturing Process
Industry for UsePlastic Manufacturing
Delivery/ Turnaround TimeQuick Turn around and Instillation requested by customer