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Kenmatic Rebuild

Kenmatic Rebuild

At I2T, we are a provider of motion control products that work to your needs and specifications. Our products make production faster, testing and inspection easier, and are designed to apply to your particular manufacturing processes. All of our systems are based around control software that is powerful, easy to use, and customizable.

We built and delivered a full software/hardware control system for a Kenmatic profiler grinder. This is an insert grinder that is used to add complex profiles on very small parts, with dimensions as minor as 0.001″. Maintaining tolerances at ±.0001″, this system required control software that could meet such precise working constraints. The customer originally contracted us specifically for our background experience on this type of work, as well as our ability to provide ongoing support.

We designed and deployed a software system that allows for control of the grinding process with unparalleled interactivity. On-screen prompts provide directing imagery and obvious instructions and descriptions that allow even inexperienced users to perform the specific grinding work. Developing this system required full mathematical reverse engineering of the existing software, an intensive task that the customer would only trust to our level of experience and know-how. Crucially, this work had to follow a tightly defined schedule while also allowing for customer change orders and input.

Ultimately, the end product software was delivered in a timely manner to a customer that was very happy in choosing us once again. To date we have delivered 8 systems as part of the ongoing contract with this customer. The final version of the software was fully customizable for ease-of-use, but had enough power to answer every precision and performance requirement. It also allowed for future upgrading to new equipment standards, a key requirement only we could deliver.

Our success is built on our ability to provide state-of-the-art process control software and hardware, and superior customer service. For more information, contact us directly.