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Digital Gauger

I2T Digital Gauger

The I2T Digital Gauger is a stand-alone measurement solution originally developed to perform final dimensional measurements on automotive glass. Our Digital Gauger solution, however, can automate many types of dimensional inspections that require physical gauges. Our technology partner, Solartron Metrology, offers many types of LVDT probes and other measurement products that can be integrated into the Digital Gauger software package.

I2T Digital Gauger
The automatic inspection system we created was based around our turnkey cart, which provides a mobile foundation for measurement equipment. Completely self-contained, the turnkey cart allows easy deployment of any particular dimensional inspection application, especially automotive glass.

Software Features

  • Upload picture of the actual part to overlay measurements
  • Enter specific measurement tolerances
  • Easily add probes and calibrate zeros
  • Supports automatic squaring/centering hardware
  • Live mathematical and formula calculations
  • Includes Gauge R&R software function
  • Measurement data stored to local database
  • Function to export to CSV file


  • Up to 200 probes
  • Large 32” monitor
  • Individual zone pressure adjustment
  • Simple 120VAC plug
  • UPS battery backup
  • Can be ordered with probe cabling colored by function

For more information about I2T’s Digital Gauger or to order one for yourself, feel free to contact us directly.