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PLC and Motion Control Upgrade

As a leader in the development and installation of custom control and automation systems, at I2T, we’ve helped customers with a wide range of requirements achieve enhanced productivity and throughput. PLCs play an integral role in control systems; as a result, the industry is constantly upgrading and updating to provide a greater level of efficiency and flexibility. The type of upgrade highlighted here is typical and is a common project type for our team.

This client, who is involved in plastic filament manufacturing, needed to upgrade a package wrapping system with a PLC hardware changeover that would bypass two generations of older hardware. The customer selected us for this project because of our extensive experience and knowledge of motion control systems. This includes a deep understanding of hardware and overall system parameters, as well as a high level of PLC programming expertise.

The project began with the development of a complete electrical drawing package that included the hardware layout. We selected a Schneider Electric Momentum PLC system because its features were most advantageous to this application. We also sourced the motion hardware, sized the motor/amplifiers, and selected an HMI that provided the easiest operation of the system.

The code development portion of this project was extensive; we wrote code for motion and parameterization for various product sizes that would be processed through the machine. Before implementation, all of the code was desk checked; this included all of the motion code and interface.

Once all of the hardware was in place, system checkout began with a comprehensive operational check of all systems, including the I/O, motors, and all other related components. The entire system, including the PLCs, operator screens, SOC’s, recipes, and more, were then thoroughly debugged. We then trained the customer’s supporting engineers on code maintenance and on the use of the operator’s screens.

In the end, the customer was very pleased with the outcome; not only did we leave them with a complete modernized system that was much more efficient in every aspect, but we did it with a very quick turnover. As a result, they have since awarded us a number of other projects.

To learn more about this project, or about all of our motion control capabilities, contact us directly.

PLC and Motion Control Upgrade

Capabilities Applied/ProcessesUnderstanding of PLC Code
Ladder Logic
Motion Control
HMI and Operator Interphase
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartSchneider Electric Momentum PLC
Industry for UsePlastic Filament Manufacturing
In Process Testing/Inspection PerformedIn House Testing and Simulation
Delivery/Turnaround TimeQuick Turn around and Instillation requested by customer