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Robot Material Handling System

Robot Material Handling System

The use of robotics in manufacturing represents the single most significant advancement to overall productivity. At I2T, we specialize in helping manufacturers achieve maximum value from robotic and automation systems.

One of the key players in the robotics world is FANUC; they are known globally for manufacturing cutting edge systems that have the set the standard for robotics. Our expertise in robotic systems includes all major manufacturers; however, our experience with FANUC Robotics is extensive. This is highlighted in the installation of a FANUC Robotics material handling system we completed for a longtime customer. This client has counted on us for support for over 25 years and knew they could trust us to provide exemplary service for this difficult project.

The system consisted of a robotic parts loader that would integrate with a CNC grinding system. At the top level this seems simple enough; however, the process requirements were very complex and needed to provide extreme precision. Because the grinding system processed a wide range of part sizes, all very small, we had to develop the ability to accommodate multiple part geometries with different nest styles per part. This meant that each part style variation required a path change. In addition, regardless of style, each part would need complex on-the-fly dimensional calculations. All of this had to be done with an accuracy of ±.001″ and with a cycle time of less than 20 seconds. If this wasn’t all difficult enough, we were called in for this project at the last minute and had to make a number of significant changes to the project parameters mid-stream.

The completed system utilized all FANUC robotics and CNC controls; we also provided the programming and Ladder Logic. As a standard practice, we also perform extensive in-office simulations to verify the program and test cycle times. Once installed, further testing and validation is performed; in this case we verified that the system provided precision as close as 20 microns. Though the complexity of the systems capabilities is great, it was all hidden behind the universal interface that we also created for the project. In the end, the customer received more than just a high precision, world-class automation solution; they received fast and responsive service that is unmatched in the industry.

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Custom Robotics System

Project Name & DescriptionRobot Material Handling System
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesFANUC Robot Programing
Ladder Logic
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartFANUC Robot
Industry for UseMachine Tool
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Very Tight Tolerance (20 Microns)
Simulation Prior to working on the machine