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I2T Machine Shop

The Manufacturing Division of I2T provides fabrication, assembly and welding services for all of your industrial needs. We support customers in a wide range of industries, from railroad service equipment, to power generation, to specialty tooling fabrication. Located just down the street from our Automation Headquarters, the Machine Shop allows our engineers and tradesmen to work close together on integrated projects. Our turnkey solutions can be built from the ground up and can be shipped completely assembled from our facilities.

The fabrication and assembly capabilities at I2T provide you a single source for your machining needs. We supply mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and painting/coating services to all of our customers. We can do press brake forming, thermal cutting, precision milling and much more.

The Manufacturing Division is also home to our team of certified welders who have extensive experience working with many material types and welding technologies. These include: Structural Carbon Steel, Tool Steels, Copper to Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steels. MIG, Stick, and TIG welding are among the welding technologies our team can provide.

I2T provides high quality service to our customers in the industrial sector and beyond. For more information about our machining, welding, and assembly capabilities, please contact us directly.