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I2T Digital Gauger

At Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc., we provide industrial control and automation products to markets worldwide. Our expertise in custom motion control and related automation products, allows us to develop a tailored solution for your individual industrial needs.

In the project highlighted here, we were contracted by a long time customer to design and build an automatic inspection system for use in a glass production application. Intended to look for sag, size, and shape defects in production line glass, this gauging system allowed the customer to enable and expand their quality control approaches. Like all of our custom gauge products, this system was designed to work with our Digital Gauger software, which brings our customers a new standard of control, data collection, and automation.

The automatic inspection system we created was based around our turnkey cart, which provides a portable foundation for testing and inspection equipment. Featuring a built in computer and connection board, the turnkey cart allows easy deployment of any particular inspection application, including this glass inspection system.

Following customer requirements exactly, we then added the necessary sensing equipment and control interface software, and in the process upgrading an existing customer design as well. The resulting system allowed for multiple users, fast reconfiguration, simultaneous testing of multiple samples, and an easy-to-follow, intuitive software interface. The system is so accessible that an untrained operator could start testing glass pieces within minutes.

The customer was ultimately very pleased with this glass testing system. The new system we delivered allowed for faster output, easier use, and significantly improved flexibility, all based around our reliable turnkey cart.

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I2T Digital Gauger
I2T Digital Gauger
I2T Digital Gauger
I2T Digital Gauger
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