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Industrial robotic system installation
Industrial robotic system installation

In the modern industrial world, robotics play a major role for industries and applications of all kinds. At Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc., we offer a complete line of robotic integration services. From programing and system upgrades to the complete installation of turnkey robot cells--our engineers cover it all. No matter what type of system, robot, end effector, or design service is required; our team of experts will use whatever platform is needed to meet your precise specifications.

Our programming services cover some of the biggest names in robotics. We are highly experienced in machine vision systems, and can integrate them into robotic systems to enhance inspection, part detection, location, and verification abilities. If robotics are being added to an existing system, our team of experts can handle it; services are available to fully integrate robot loaders and part handlers into large automation systems. If an entirely new system is needed, we can help with that, too. We have extensive experience with robotics design, and are able to create full robot cells that include reach and timing studies.

Robotic integration is available for many different types of systems. We install robotics into general material handling, palletizing, pick and place, material removal, and entertainment systems. A complete line of services are available to enhance or repair our customers’ robotics. We debug, program, and fully install robotic systems. Our experience in this area runs wide, and covers articulated arm, delta, gantry, SCARA, and custom robot configurations.

Our robot design services are comprehensive and include mechanical design for end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT), as well as design for the robotic automation of part handling. Our other services include simulation, design reviews, engineering studies, and project schedules. We help design remote inspection robots by developing control programming and user interface for them. We perform pre-production performance evaluations, create concept and cell layouts, and produce engineering and manufacturing drawings. These are just a few of the multiple design services available from I2T.

Finally, our expertise in this area is exemplified in a very public way; we are a member of the advisor board at the Carnegie Science Center Roboworld exhibit. If you'd like to learn more about our robot integration services, please see the following table, or contact us directly.

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